Turner:- Conventional Turning makes metal articles to required specifications using lathe and cutting tools. Studies drawings and other specifications of parts to be made. Selects metal, holds it in chuck, fixture on lathe as required, centres it by manipulating chuck jaws or otherwise using dial indicator or marking block and securely tightens it in position. Selects correct cutting tool, grinds it if necessary and holds it tight in tool post at correct height. Sets feed and speed and starts machine. Manipulates hand wheels or starts automatic controls to guide cutting tool into or along metal. Controls flow of coolant (cutting lubricant) on edge of tool. Arranges gears in machine to obtain required pitch for screw cutting. Calculates tapers and sets machine for taper turning, controls lathe during operation by means of hand wheels and levers and frequently checks progress of cutting with measuring instruments such as calipers and rule, micrometers, etc.

COURSE COORDINATOR : Sh. Tarun Kumar Daga, Training Officer

Unit : 1 & 2

Name of the Section Incharge : Sh. Nitin Kumar, Vocational Instructor

Mobile No: 9760488035


One Years


NSQF Level - 6


50 (2 Units) Trainees

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E - mail:
Contact No: 05946-221035



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